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Animators are a unique breed of people. Since, unlike actors, they create characters that are tireless, purposeful, and devoid of any human flaws. They must, however, be at their best, learn from the best, and achieve their best in order to create these works of art. With that in mind, I’ve been scouring the internet for the coolest people and the blogs they read. Not all of them use animation software; some of them use stop-motion animation to get their hands dirty.

Magazine of Animation

In 2017, Animation Magazine celebrated its 30th anniversary. Greetings on your special day! Aside from being the animation industry’s news paper, it’s also a detailed resource for animators looking to learn or work. So, regardless of whether you’re from the Americas, Europe, or Asia, it’s certainly worth a look. I just wish the site would load more quickly.

Do you enjoy stop-motion animation with beautifully made scenes? Then Alexandra’s blog is for you. An exclusive tour behind the scenes of stop-motion animation with someone who clearly loves what she does.

Anomaly in Animation

For the past seven years, Charles Kenny has been blogging. Interviews with industry experts, scene critiques, and useful guides on how to think as an aspiring animator/creator can all be found on his blog. He is both a prophet and a teacher. But also someone who understands that learning is a never-ending process.

Chiara Porri’s enthusiasm for animation is contagious. She’s from Italy and has been working in the animation industry for over ten years. She’s now chosen to share her knowledge with others through her blog.

Animation World Network is a website dedicated to animation.

AWN, like Animation Magazine, is a comprehensive resource. It’s better for keeping up with the news than for studying. They also have a very active website, which I regularly visit when I need assistance.

Brew with Cartoons

Cartoon Brew has been covering animation news, trends, and events since 2004. It has developed into one of the leading news sites for all things animation and film under the leadership of Amid Amidi.


Motiongrapher is a natural at coming up with new ideas. If you’re ever feeling a little tapped out, I recommend paying a visit. While it is a general news site with coverage of film, architecture, animation, tutorials, and other industry-related news, it distinguishes itself by reaching out to its audience on a more visceral level.

Tim Rudder is a member of the Rudder family.
Tim’s website is fantastic. It’s easy to use, quick to load, and has just enough scope to keep you hooked. Tim’s breakdowns are great for those interested in learning more about animation.

Concerning Animation

An even more comprehensive animation news blog. Animation, writing, acting, and studying are all approached holistically. It’s very simple to navigate to their tools, and the site loads quickly.

Online 3D Artist

As the name implies, 3D artist is a repository of news and tools for aspiring and experienced 3D artists. All is protected, from apps to tutorials.

Griggs, Lee

His surreal, eerie, and fantastic portraits keep you on the edge of your seat, wondering what will happen next. Aside from his beautiful job, he’s a big Arnold Schwarzenegger fan ( the renderer, not the governor). So, if you want to learn more about the app, you can contact him. And if you don’t, you can always look into him.

Many animators adore this place. There are opportunities and a lively community for animation fans. The only disadvantage is their aversion to moving on from flash. They also hold monthly competitions that are very well-known.

Artella is a character in the film Artella

Artella is a fantastic animation collaboration site that is currently in beta. It helps you to create your own virtual studio, complete with all the bells and whistles. To complete a project, you will work with developers from all over the world.

Ayasta, Ricardo

Ricardo’s blog is fantastic. He’s a little cocky, but if you keep reading, you’ll grow to love him. He shares fascinating animation-related material from other makers on a regular basis.

Spectrum of CG

For animators seeking career guidance. CG provides extremely useful advice from working industry professionals. It’s a place worth visiting whether you’re a student or an aspiring animator.

Animate it.

IAnimate is just another beautiful online animation school with a lively blog. The main reason I’m highlighting them is that their homepage made my heart skip a beat.

Blog of the Animation School

A blog for Animschool, which is, as you might have guessed, one of the best online animation schools. Their blog provides straightforward guidance about how to interpret digital animation. Amanda’s blog is lovely. TAFI is run by a person who is passionate about animation. From obscure festivals to the Oscars, there’s something for everyone. She covers a wide range of arts-related events. I do wish it was a little easier to use. She’s still not short on candid movie reviews.

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